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Welcome to the
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Just regular people building log furniture!

Log Furniture Profit Potential!!

In this article I will cover the profit potential in making log furniture.  First and foremost, anyone can build log furniture if you take the time to learn the basics.  In these articles I will walk you thru the natural progression I took to get where I am today. 

Just take a look at Rusticmade.com and you'll see how far you can take your new found hobby if you want to.   Online Furniture Store, DVD's, Online Workshop and Newsletter and more.  This is just the tip of the iceberg....you could do this with any hobby you choose.

I do not build Log Furniture because it is a passion, I do it because now that I'm set up I can build it fast and make money, and I add just about anything I want to my house and yard.    And I like working on the Internet. 

Here's an example below of a Cedar King bed with a steel bed frame that I built some time ago when I first started making log furniture.

There are aprox10 cedars poles which cost $4.60 each.  Also 30 feet of angle Iron to build the bed frame. The aprox cost to build this bed was around $90.00.  I Sold it for $450.00.

It took me close to 10 hours to build it.  Profit $360.00 or $36.00 a hour.

That was two years ago....now I can build the same bed in half the time for much less. I just bought 500 cedar logs for $2.25 apiece.  This increases my profit quite a bit.

Now the tools you will need to build this bed will be... a way to cut your logs, a planner to shape them and a sander to finish them.  You will also need a tenon maker which I will recommend a 2" Barker Tenon Cutter with a drill big enough to turn it with no problem.

Now supposing your tools cost around $1100.00 to get started. You would need to sell 3 king beds to pay for your tools.  That's easy!


After your comfortable with log beds...move on to Night Stands and Dressers and Chests.  If you just learn how to build 8 or 9 pieces of furniture and build them well you'll be busy and make money.

Most people that buy a log bed will want a night stand or dresser and chest. Some people will want you to make enough furniture for 2 or 3 bedrooms.  In no time you could be building complete bedroom sets.

Now this is part of the natural progression that I took.  I took my profits and bought more tools so I could build the chest and dressers.  To give you an example I charge $875.00 for a 5 Drawer Chest or a 6 Drawer Dresser.

By the way, that's a deal....that's why I don't have any problem selling them.

I don't get in a big hurry anymore I just work thru the order and people are happy.

6 Drawer Log Dresser

You will build up to this over time...this can be a good income for years to come.



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